An Introduction to Resilience

The decision to move forward comes from deep within the soul. Acknowledging that life is difficult is the first step towards the ultimate revelation that life could be much worse. – Oak Arias,

If you are here, chances are, resilience has resonated with you. You might be a master of resilience or a first year student trying to make it through the first course with this strange professor named Life. Whatever your reason for reading this blog I commend you for the desire to dig deeper. You are indeed among an elite group of people who choose to pursue happiness even during the darkest of times. You choose happiness not because it will return easily or that you are ignorant of the coming difficulties and storms. You choose happiness because you know that while the situation is difficult it could indeed be much worse, it is because of this knowledge that you choose to move forward knowing that the sun will rise and the tide will recede.

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