C’era Una Volta e Molti Anni Fa

C’era una volta e molti anni fa…(once upon a time and many years ago). These words often kick off a magical tale that transports our minds to far flung destinations with kings, queens, princesses in towers and their heroes. Other times these words might start a story told by a grandmother to her new grandchild less than an hour old in this new world. Have you ever stopped to wonder how these words came to be strung together in the first place? I suppose it doesn’t really matter and to tear into the fabric of historical significance might ruin the magic that surrounds the phrase.

Do you realize that each of us had, a similar, magical beginning? All of us were, once upon a time and many years ago, nothing more than a glimmer in the eyes of those that came together to create life. In a moment of passion or in spite of a lack of it, somehow, each one of us started as only a single egg. Resilience is part of our DNA and part of the history of us. Nature doesn’t make it easy for life to begin or flourish as you read this post it is important to realize you truly are resilient.

The ability to bounce back from a tragic event or realize that you are in the middle of a horrible situation that could be so much worse, doesn’t afford you the luxury of sitting in a tower waiting for a knight to come to the rescue. In fact most resilient people have a desire to search for the next step, find the path in the darkest of times not only because they want to escape the forest of pain but also because they naturally take on their demons one step at a time resulting in an existence of constant forward movement.

The idea that resilience equates to a constant forward momentum might be off putting to some who prefer to savor life’s events (the positive and the less positive) however I would argue that even in the midst of enjoyment and a slower pace a resilient person continues to move forward albeit at varying speeds. Resilience doesn’t require we accept that every event is enjoyable, easy, quick, in fact it demands we acknowledge the opposite while continuing to pursue a brighter end of the tunnel. We are always in motion.

How has your forward momentum carried you through difficult times?

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