Cancer – A Caregivers Story ;

Cancer is a thief that picks pockets during the day and overwhelms the front lines under cover of night like a horde of enemy soldiers programmed to kill, take no prisoners, show no mercy and surrender under no conditions.  The deadliest thing about cancer, its raw killing power, isn’t the most injurious or savage of its assets.  Cancers strongest asset is its ability to reap collateral damage outside the host that gives it life. 

This is not a rage against what hasn’t been found instead it is a philosophical approach to understanding, the very general label of ‘cancer’ and its impacts beyond what is measurable today with our crude macro instruments and understanding.  Some day in the future there may be an army of ‘anti-cancer’ cells that will render this current army innocuous, impotent and all together irrelevant.  Unfortunately, this is not a description of what will be, rather what is, where we are today, what the limits of our knowledge as a human race afford us in relation to our finite existence.  Science, medicine, technology, mathematics and engineering are all disciplines that will continue to work together as a unit to ultimately defeat cancer, one day.  Families, individuals and patients are left to deal with what it is today.  While the studies continue to offer hope for an extended life after diagnosis most have yet to offer a cure. 

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