Functional Resilience

Functional resilience is the foundation on which a life can be built. Once we realize the power of resilient thinking we can weave that knowledge into our everyday actions, social conversations, workplace water cooler discussions and lessons. To own your resilience is to know that during difficult life events you will move through them and on to a more enjoyable part of your journey. Functional resilience therefore naturally dictates that your knowledge is practical and applied in your life daily.

Imagine that your ability to be resilient is similar to driving a car. Before you can drive a car you must be taught how. Learning to drive comes more easily to some than others however most people who desire to learn can be taught to drive. Important to note that desire to learn does not mean mastery of a skill nor does it dictate that a license for such skill is forthcoming. Fortunately for all of us there is no certificate for resilience however there are endless tests which lead to more tests of your new found, well developed skill.

Heading into tomorrow, what are your goals? How will you work your resilience muscle? A workout does the body good, not only physically but mentally. As we tear we build. Small tears of muscle fibers are the precursor for building stronger muscles. Small tests of your own resilience are the first step toward improving your ability to handle greater life stress. Note that difficult times are not going to be easy however a resilient person will return to their normal state more quickly if they choose to slowly and daily build their resilience.

Functional resilience will not make you a happy person but it will help you choose happiness over other states of being more often than not. Climbing that mountain will become more appealing one step at a time.

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